Testimonials – Quick Start Program

QS-Logo-smMore Than 3,000 iPEC Coaches Have Attended the Quick Start Program

Quick Start - Getting Your First Clients is designed to provide you with the business knowledge and action steps necessary to launch and grow your coaching business. It will help you clearly identify your coaching business model and goals so that you can get those all-important first clients.


Aliki Helman"The Quick Start program is excellent. Learning from 'successful' coaches how to launch the business of coaching, in addition to learning the skill of coaching through iPEC is an excellent opportunity to launch our own successful coaching businesses. Thanks!"

~ Aliki Helman

Kim Ravida"Before Quick Start, I was floundering and after participating and putting pieces that were taught/discussed in the program in place, I'm excited to say that I feel like I'm flowing and that my coaching practice is about to soar!"

~ Kim Ravida, Kim Ravida Coaching

Sue Hertlein"The energy and enthusiasm as well as the content for Quick Start is addicting and something that I would like to listen to on a daily basis. They got me involved, pumped at being a part of it and gave me a sense that I can do it.. Loved it!"

Sue Hertlein - Enrg Coaching

"High energy program, great tips on marketing, selling and networking!"

~ Eileen Kirms, Start Living

Karen Perry"The Quick Start Program was perfect timing for me. The session on Networking helped me prepare for several conference networking opportunities. This program really did help with perspective as building a business can be overwhelming. I'm very glad for Quick Start and looking forward to going future in depth with accountability in the Launch Program."

~ Karen R. Perry, Life Coaching with KP

Karen MacDonald"Ed Abel is a masterful and dedicated coach who wants every coach to have a successful business. He is competent, energetic and resourceful as he provides a step by step approach to launching your coaching business. His sessions are content rich and he provides excellent examples to illustrate his points. With ample opportunity for questions and discussion Ed delivers an excellent program!"

~ Karen MacDonald

Valerie Dorn"The Quick Start Program delivered on its promise--it helps you figure out the path to finding your first clients and getting them to hire you. You will get out of Quick Start what you put into it. I strongly recommend setting clear intentions up front and completing the assigned work after each call. The instructors were phenomenal!"

~ Valerie R. Dorn, Find Fulfillment Coaching

"That each time I repeat the program, I get even more out of it!"

~ Molly Duteau

Cindy Masingil"If the thought of networking causes you to breakout in hives, sweaty palms & upset stomach...check out Quick Start! The networking module will help alleviate fear & support you in taking that first step. Yahoo!"

~ Cindy Masingil

Francesca"I have taken multiple college courses in business.  However, Ed was able to explain customer acquisition and sales cycles in ways that made it practical to implement in my business operations."

~ Francesca, Soul Peace

Melody Moy"Quick Start provided a wealth of information to get me started on the right path. It helped me focus on the business things that matter and shaved time off my launch. Thanks Ed and Jen."

~ Melody Moy

"Your enthusiasm was contagious. You are a positive group and very hard working!"

~ Lorna McCarty

Jackie Langhoff"Ed and Jenn get it! They have a great blend of experience, creativity and enthusiasm - all key components in unlocking the mysteries of setting up a coaching business."

~ Jackie Langhoff, Myself4Life.com

Mark Branitsky"Ed and Jenn provide the framework to get started as a coaching business person. Their passion and knowledge make it easy to believe that success is within reach."

~ Mark Branitsky

Janet Stokes"This course pointed me in the right direction that will result in my not making costly time and money missteps."

~ Janet Stokes

"Ed has recognized and given me in one call what I have desperately needed. Generosity, compassionate kindness, and a realistic approach to a very challenging situation."

~ Wanda Whitson

"I found the Quick Start Program an excellent way for me to refresh and refocus on my coaching niche area as well as decide on starting a coaching practice."

~ Charlene Van De Weerd

"The sessions were jam packed with useful information. Ed and Jenn both have a wealth of knowledge that is so helpful to someone who is working through to certification and trying to build a full time coaching business at the same time. Thanks Ed and Jenn!"

~ Carla Walter

"The Quick Start Program is full of practical guidance by experienced, down-to-Earth people who are authentically interested in helping me grow my practice."

~ Chris Canaday, CLARITY Coaching & Consulting

"Highly enjoyed the information and found it motivational and inspiring!"

~ Sami Freitas

"A great series of teleclasses for wide exposure to all aspects of starting and running your business."

~ Denise Schultz

Shahnaz Broucek"This was a great overview of the business side of coaching with the benefits that coaching itself offers. Very worthwhile!"

~ Shahnaz Broucek, Optimizeu Leadership Coaching

"GREAT information! I definitely feel more prepared to launch my coaching practice. I am sooo thankful to have this resource."

~ Debra Austin, Angaza Coaching

Sara Macule Olalde"Quick Start is a great program that really helped me to take the first steps in creating my business as a coach. The experience with iPEC was wonderful but I was feeling a little overwhelmed when I started thinking about how to create the business plan, my website, pricing, marketing and sales. Quick Start was the perfect kick. Ed and Jenn weekly guided me and helped me to take the necessary steps to easily build my business. After 7 weeks my coaching practice was up and running!!!!

Thanks Jenn and Ed for this thoughtful program, I don't know what I would have done without you."

Sara Macule Olalde

In just one thirty minute session Ed helped me create an entirely new strategy for my public speaking engagements. The speech that was created as a result of that brainstorming session has served me well. Ed will help you figure out how your ideas and passions can turn into a business that truly pays off.

Nicolette House - Skater, Author, Coach