Testimonials – Learn, Leverage, and Launch

When you are making a decision about participating in the Learn Leverage Launch Program, we believe it's important to hear from past participants so you can learn first hand how this program will guide you to launch your coaching practice.

Below are several coaches who have completed the program. These are not paid endorsements, rather they are open and honest feedback on their experience with the program.

You are welcome to contact and speak directly with any one of these coaches to hear more details and get answers to your questions.

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Carrie Doubts“Participating in Launch was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I knew that I needed individual attention and support to launch my coaching business, since I had never, even my wildest dreams, seen myself as a business owner or entrepreneur in the past. Ed, Jenn, and the whole staff are knowledgeable, professional, attentive, and really went the extra mile to provide information, assistance, and yes a bit of handholding when I needed it. The level of confidence I have in my ability to run a successful and sustainable coaching business went from a 2 to a 10 in these 18 weeks. My expectations were met and well-exceeded. I'm grateful for the experience.”

Carrie Doubts - Life’s Next Chapter Coaching

Jeannea Spence"What differentiates Launch from the other programs out there is the quality, breadth, and depth of information covered in the classes; and a clear outline of action steps -- so helpful, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed. If you commit to the program, show up, participate, take suggestions, and work through any fears that come up, you will walk away with a complete coaching business AND a new network. What a blessing to have a group of people who have gone through this process together and be able to turn to them as a sounding board as we continue on our journeys.

I strongly encourage anyone -- especially those who have never been in business for themselves -- to sign up for Launch. The sky's the limit!"

Jeannea Spence - IndiSPENCable Coaching

Peter Franklin“Launchpad with Back Office was just what the doctor ordered. Back Office organization, leadership, and support was fantastic...and made the process of designing and launching my website an easy one. At all times I felt like I was getting the best possible advice...and feedback. The end result is superb, and worth the price of admission.”

Peter Franklin - e-Factor Coaching

Carla Khabbaz“Launch is a high impact program that delivers specific steps and strategies essential for building a coaching practice that is authentic and successful. Ed is an expert at addressing the challenges unique to each individual client while also teaching universal principles and showing you the best way to apply them in your own business. His dedication, heart and passion is what sets him apart from the rest. I felt a sense of freedom and ease in working with Ed because of the unwavering support he personally provided every step of the way.”

Carla Khabbaz - A Fresh Start Alliance

Fasil KhanI notice before hiring Ed I had so many visions and tasks for my business but nothing was getting done. After hiring Ed (and taking Launch), the very first thing I notice was I had better focus and produced faster results.

Ed always displays his passion, care and drive for his clients to succeed which pushed me to produce higher results for myself. The other part to that is besides having more emotional and mental strength, I got amazing tangible results for my business: clients, a program and etc.  Ed is very knowledgeable and his support structure is one of kind. If you want real results hiring Ed is not a choice but a must!

Fasil Khan - Khan Coaching

I have found the Creativity Labs to be hugely beneficial because I receive valuable / honest feedback from my peer coaches who have a personal interest in my success and not a vested obligation to give artificial encouragement.

My one-on-on calls with Ed have also been an important component as they allow for focused time on my personal business development. The teleclasses provide excellent theory on the process, and the one-on-ones with Ed drill down even more on my own situation.

Gordon DeLong

carol-perryWhen I finished iPEC, I was overwhelmed and stressed by all the things I needed to set up for my coaching practice... website, email, newsletters, and more! And, just trying to find a web designer was so difficult. I had no idea what I should be paying.

When I heard about the Launch program, I thought, "Wow, this is everything I need to set up my practice... all in one place!" I had heard Ed speak many times on Quick Start and other training classes and I knew that with his knowledge and experience, he would be perfect to help "launch" my practice.

I definitely recommend Launch Your Passion to Payoff to any coach who wants to set up their coaching practice!

Carol Perry, Covenant Relationship Coaching

Rhoni EpsteinEd is more than Abel. He is passionate, intuitive, generous and very loving! On top of this he knows what he is doing and how to motivate solopreneurs into taking  fearless leaps into their own success. He's the real deal!

Sometimes Ed talks fast so listen-up! He is so passionate about his work and wants to make sure that we all get enough of what we need. I sometimes feel he wants to save all our lives on every call by empowering us with our own belief system and skill. His method is easy to understand and follow. Ed has developed a clear road map to business and know, if you do get a little lost, that he is always there for you, like a friendly cop, to ask directions and keep you on a safe course.

Rhoni Epstein - Rhoni Epstein Coaching

Craig NielsonBefore I met Ed, I felt like I was floundering and I had no idea what a successful business looked like.  Now I’m much more confident as a coach and entrepreneur.  He worked with me to put a plan and a strategy in place to build my business, attract clients and start earning income.  I am truly grateful for the impact Ed has made on my business.

Craig Nielson - My Internal Image

Bob BarkettEd & Jenn presented very helpful thoughts and experiences that gave me structure, marketing tools and presentation techniques to use in my coaching/consulting business. Their empathy and efforts to help were outstanding.

Bob Barkett - Horizons Coaching

Karen CaitoI signed up for Launch because they included the offer of a website with the program. As a new coach, I certainly needed a website and felt that Ed and his team would be the best people to do is since they are coaches already and know the industry. This saved me from trying (and not really knowing how to) explaining what I needed to some random web designer. I thought, "they know how to build a website for a coach, why not just have them do it."

Not only did I get a great website, but Launch also gave me a solid foundation of all the business things that I need to do in order to start coaching clients. The program provided a step-by-step process to follow which I would have been completely lost without.

The whole team was very supportive throughout the program. Ed was always there when I had a question. The Creativity Labs were a key piece as well, because they gave me a chance to meet other coaches around the county and develop a bond with them. They are now part of my inner circle to get advice on something that I'm working on for my practice.

Karen Caito - Caito's Coaching & Consulting

Luis MorenoI am very pleased and happy with the results of my participation in Ed's Launch program. Before the program I was lost in my marketing efforts and didn't even know what direction to take my coaching business.

Ed helped me to focus on my coaching business and decide what I wanted to do with my coaching. His program has given me the confidence needed to create my branded presentations, programs and workshops. I now know how and where to market my coaching business.

As a result of the Launch program and Ed's encouragement, I have moved forward and am now seeing doors open for me to do my presentations which will result in my gaining more clients.

Luis Moreno - Optimal Relationship Coaching

Tawanna WilliamsIf you are anything like me I felt a little lost upon completing iPEC. I wanted to be a coach, NOT a marketing and sales professional. But the clients don't magically come to you.


If you are at a loss for what to do next, what to prioritize, which direction you need to go... if you need help with a niche, programs, or website-if you would like to have passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable partners that guide and support you through this next growth phase - Ed and team are the way to go. Aside from their skill, they are simply genuinely nice people.

Invest in the Launch Program. Invest in yourself. Invest in your passion. Invest in your business, You won't regret it!!!"

Tawanna Williams - Evolutions Coaching

Heidi ChristiansonI have been a coach for about 1 1/2 years and I always felt like I was "almost there" with all my coaching programs and practices. When I heard about the Launch Program, it sounded like just what I needed and loved the fact that Ed is an iPEC graduate ~ someone who spoke my "language". I signed up right away.

The program is all I needed and more than I had hoped for! Ed and his team has put together a strong program that truly delivers and if you are willing to do the work, your business will grow and bloom just like mine is doing now.

Some of the big benefits that I have experienced:

  • I uncovered my specific niche that allows me to market to exactly who my ideal clients are and can use that same system to expand to other niches if I want to.
  • I have create my list of benefits that talks directly to my ideal clients and that are clear and motivating.
  • I have decided on my marketing strategy that feels just right for who I am and who I want to work with.
  • I have developed my tele-seminar programs as well as what my group coaching programs look like for the next year.
  • I have been able to incorporate into my practice all the iPEC systems that I have learned and use into my business in a way that is fluid and exciting for my clients and myself.

I highly recommend Launch for anyone who is looking to take their coaching business to the next level! Working with Ed and his team will take you there!

Heidi Christianson - Heidi Christianson Coaching

Claude SoffelI first met Ed on a conference call, he was offering the skills of building a small business, particularly important to me as an entrepreneur in a new field. I was impressed, and considered his services for the future. Then I met him in person at a Mod IV training. I introduced myself and was thunderstruck by how I missed something so big... Ed was for real. He had the necessary battle scars that I needed to really trust what a man has to say.

Like most skills we learn in life, there are lots of methods, each with their own merits, same holds true for building a small business. As to that I can say I am engaged with Ed's programs and am moving forward in a way that is not possible on my own. As to the character of the man, I would take a select few men into battle with me, down a dark alley, into the trenches, and Ed Abel is on that list. In my world, what else could you possibly want to know?

Claude Soffel - Braveheart Coaching

Renee WaggenerLaunch Your Passion to Payoff is exactly what it says it is.  It is the launch that you need to get your biz rolling.  Counting down the steps, breaking it down into bite size pieces is what Ed and his team do best.

I completed his Quick Start program first and adding this to my schedule has been what I've needed to keep me going.  I already had my niche figured out but my market is not an easy one to reach.  Working one on one with Ed, is the blast off I really need; actually it's a kick in my back side when I need it.  He's able to tell where I need to stretch and champion me when I need the confidence boost.

If you are on the fence... don't hesitate to call, email, FB, Link, or tweet me; I'm everywhere, launching from the pad that Ed helped me build.

Renee Waggener - Xtraordinary Life Coach