You have passion and strategy burning in your heart, and you are ready to say yes to your dreams.

You are excited to build life on your own terms, and you want to do it in authentic community.

We SEE you!

You have a place HERE!

We know that you are going to do incredible things!

Passion to Payoff is a space for heart-driven entrepreneurs who want to build thriving businesses that inspire and impact. Our education, mentorship and support equips you with the know-how to translate your passion into a soaring business.

iPEC_Logo_Blue-notag-600A Service Provided by the iPEC Group

At the iPEC Group, our mission is to help students have the greatest impact on the lives of others - by awakening their own passion, purpose, and potential. A key aspect of our Coach Training Program is to help aspiring coaches achieve their desired professional and financial success. Passion to Payoff is a service built for iPEC graduates to provide them with the business knowledge and expertise to connect with clients.

Meet the Team

Ed Abel


Ed is filled with passion and the desire to see you succeed in fulfilling your dream as a heart-driven entrepreneur. With over 30 years of business experience, he knows that great passion without great business know-how wind up looking for clients in all the wrong places. Ed has committed himself to the mission of assisting heart-driven entrepreneur understand and implement a step-by-step process for building a sustainable thriving business.

Michael Robinson

The "Operations Guy"

Michael gets excited about new technologies and tools to run a business. As the "Operations Guy" for Passion to Payoff he's the guy that makes all the technical stuff happen and will be working his magic to set up the business foundation (websites, systems, etc) for each program participant. Michael brings several years of "skillpreneur" experience with his photography business and is a former client of Ed's coaching before joining his team in 2009.

Lindsay Smith


Growing up Lindsay was taught to do what she loves, to experiment, to try new things and be curious. Through her life’s journey she found her deep calling… to help other realize their dreams. Leveraging her professional training as a coach, alongside her own life experiences and expertise on the the 20-something generation, she provide education, guidance, support and mentorship to help you make this journey exciting, purposeful and successful.